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DMG MORI Worldwide Leading Manufacturer of Machine Tools

DMG MORI is a worldwide leading manufacturer of machine tools. The range of products includes turning and milling machines as well as Advanced Technologies, such as ULTRASONIC, LASERTEC and ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING, plus automation and integrated technology solutions. Our technology excellence is bundled within the main sectors of “Aerospace”, “Automotive”, “Die & Mold”, and “Medical”.

With our APP-based control and operating environment CELOS as well as exclusive Technology Cycles and Powertools, we are actively shaping Industry 4.0. In addition, DMG MORI is offering its customers and suppliers an integrated digitization strategy with the open, digital platform ADAMOS.

With more than 12,000 employees DMG MORI as “Global One Company” is present worldwide at 157 sales and service locations – thereof 14 production plants. DMG MORI supplies customers from 42 different industries in 79 countries.

DMG MORI China is one of the most important parts of the worldwide sales and service network of DMG MORI, focusing on the important Chinese market. DMG MORI China, with its headquarters in Shanghai, its seven local branches in the China’s industrial centre and its factory in Tianjin is setting new standards in sales and service support. Whatever individual application or workpiece is required, DMG MORI China offers you the best solution in top quality including service & support for the highest performance.

You will see that, as a “Global One Company”, we are highly diversified and possess great technical expertise, innovation and global presence. Make use of our power. We are here for you – no matter where, no matter when!

DMG MORI 世界机床制造商的创新领导者

DMG MORI是机床制造商的全球领导者。产品包括车削中心和铣削加工中心以及先进加工技术,例如超声加工技术、激光加工技术和增材制造技术,并且提供自动化系统和全面的技术解决方案。我们为航空航天汽车模具制造医疗器械重点行业提供综合性的卓越技术。通过开发基于APP控制和操作环境的CELOS、独有的技术循环和Powertools DMG MORI 积极的致力于打造工业4.0的世界。此外,DMG MORI还为客户和供应商提供综合性的数字化战略服务 - 开放的数字化平台ADAMOS.

DMG MORI在全球拥有超过12,000名员工,作为全球一家公司,我们在全球设有157家销售和服务网点以及14家工厂。服务于79个国家42个不同行业的广泛客户。DMG MORI中国是DMG MORI机床公司在全球机床销售和服务网络中的重要成员之一,我们专注于为重要的中国市场提供服务。

DMG MORI中国总部位于上海,七家分公司遍布于中国各工业中心城市,生产基地位于天津,持续提高销售和服务品质。无论您需要何种特定的应用方案或工件,我们都将为您提供确保达到最佳性能的完美解决方案,以及一流的服务和支持。